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“Don’t be afraid to aim high!”

Inês Laranjeiro

25th February to 1st March 2020
LG Exchange with Seville
LG Seville, Spain

Traveling with ESTIEM is absolutely incredible at all levels, and I'm so grateful to have had that opportunity in the exchange with Seville.


I got to meet so many amazing people, whom I felt were my friends since forever. The ESTIEM spirit that's among all participants makes the whole trip so special and so unique, and allows you to feel at home in a place you don't even know.


Those days were completely incredible, full of adventures, laughs, dancing, singing, drinking, partying, and so so much more! You get to live really intensively all the seconds of the experience, and develop so many great bonds.


My heart is full of memories I'll keep forever!!

25th February to 1st March 2020

David Ribeiro

LG Exchange with Seville
LG Seville, Spain

More than an Instagram picture. More than an opportunity to get in a plane. More than travelling. The best way to know a city or a country is to know their culture. And the best way to know a place's culture is to know the people from that place. Exchange gives that. A really intense and profit week filled with adventure, happiness, discomfort, adaptation, kindness and love.

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Do you know what a LG Exchange is?

An Exchange between LGs allow the members from two or more LGs to visit each other. During the exchange, participants get to know the city, culture and traditions. Local Groups show their spirit and habits of the students, by showing the academic life of the university.

About LG Seville


Seville, Spain

Formed in 2002 and reactivated in 2008 LG Seville has been growing since then as has its members' motivation. In the last year, the LG experienced an huge growth organizing several events in a short period time. The LXI Council Meeting would be organized by LG Seville if there were no COVID-19.

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