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“Don’t be afraid to aim high!”

Sara Faria

BrainTraner "Master Yourself, Master Minds"
LG Porto, Portugal
8th to 15th March 2020

"Not everything goes as planned" was the motto that guided my days at BrainTrainer: Master yourself, master minds in Porto. Due to the COVID-19 virus, what was prepared to be an extremely organized and full week happened to be a week full of canceled events and absence of trainings. The truth is I've only been there for a few days, but i loved it there. The thing i take and learned from this event is that we can always have a good time together, at the surf class or the trainings. After all, one of the best parts of the event is to be inside of the true ESTIEM SPIRIT and getting to know people from all over the Europe. So, take time to travel because it's always a different and unique experience!

Do you know what a BrainTrainer is?

BrainTrainer is a personal development event during which the participants dive in about a specific topic. The agenda usually includes training sessions and working groups where the participants will learn more about the topic and develop their soft skills on the field.

About LG Porto


Porto, Portugal

Founded in 1993, Local Group Porto it's one of the most active LGs and its history clearly proves that.


Since its foundation LG Porto has organized dozens of events, including 4 Council Meetings and the 5th coming soon, and had several Central leaders including Boardies.

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