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“Don’t be afraid to aim high!”

Pedro Silva

Trainers Community Coordination Meeting
LG Kyiv, Ukraine
17th to 20th February 2020

TC CoM was my first coordination meeting in ESTIEM and I couldn't be more happy about the way the whole event went. Meeting old friends and making new friendships was special, as well as being able to work on the goals our team have set in the beginning of the mandate. On the other hand, one thing that please me the most this week was the opportunity to get to know the Ukrainian culture! ESTIEM is a playground, that allow us to meet other students and work in different roles to improve the huge network that gathers all the IEM students, but it's magic is beyond that, and we are allowed to meet new people and new cultures all over Europe! During this week, LG Kyiv, besides being always available to help us in everything during the event, showed us a bit of their culture and their costumes. This event was unforgettable for all the moments we've lived and also for the amazing hosts that we had during this days!

Do you know what a TC CoM is?

Coordination Meetings are organized by entities from Central ESTIEM and allow the team members and leader to work together in person on the entity projects and future.

About LG Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine

The history of Local Group Kyiv starts in 2005 but unfortunately the LG was excluded in 2009. The history restarts in 2012 and since then the LG has growth a lot and keep spreading the ESTIEM Spirit.

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