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“Don’t be afraid to aim high!”

Bruna Fernandes

1st to 6th March 2020
South West Regional Coordination Meeting
LG Seville, Spain

Participating in a ReCoM is always a great opportunity to learn and catch up with friends! Adding that to, this year, our whole board was able to participate in this memorable event. Not only we were able to absorb knowledge from other LG’s of the region, but we could also share within the board our opinions and, together, work to bring new ideas to our members and improve our LG.


The fact that it was full of South Westies made everything feel more homelike. In those days we were able to relive and feel the great spirit of the South West Region! The proximity between the participants was almost instantly which led to late nights, difficult mornings and a lot of funny and markable moments. On the top of that, the event was held in Seville! An energetic city with breath taking views where we were able to have fun and get to know a little bit of its History. The members of LG Seville were, also, a big part of the reason why the event was a success. They were always looking out for us and made sure we had the best experience, trying to share with us the spirit that they have as a LG.


A great event is made by its people, the unforgettable place, and the unique spirit around it. And ReCoM Seville had all that!


Do you know what a ReCoM is?

Regional Coordination Meetings aim to get active members from all Local Groups within the regions to work together on improving their LGs and the region as an whole. In this event it's expected the best spirit between participants and also with organizers.

About LG Seville


Seville, Spain

Formed in 2002 and reactivated in 2008 LG Seville has been growing since then as has its members' motivation. In the last year, the LG experienced an huge growth organizing several events in a short period time. The LXI Council Meeting would be organized by LG Seville if there were no COVID-19.

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